Cameras / Images Requirements

Do I need a specific camera?

No, our solutions are made to work with any cameras (IP cam or USB webcam). At Angus.ai, we use 50$ Logitech USB webcam on a daily basis, with no problem at all.

What are the supported image formats?

The supported formats are: JPEG and PNG.

What image resolution should I use?

640x480 (aka VGA) images are a good start. Using bigger images will increase the ability of the system to detect faces that are further away from the camera, but will also lead to bigger latencies.

What frame rate should I use?

To ensure proper analysis from our services, make sure to provide about 10 frames per second.

Angus SDK, Python, OpenCV

What are the requirements to run Angus SDKs?

Nothing, the SDKs come with their dependencies (managed by pip). But, in order to access your webcam stream, you will need a dependency that is not packaged into our SDK. We tend to use OpenCV a lot to do this (see other questions below).

Is Python SDK Python 3 compatible?

Yes, it is. But the documentation code snippets and OpenCV2 are only Python 2. Sorry for the inconvenience, the Python 3 documentation is in progress.

How to install OpenCV2 and its Python bindings on debian-like systems?

Please, use:

$ apt-get install python-opencv

How to install OpenCV2 on other systems?

Please follow official documentation here. For windows, check the complete guide on this FAQ.